ATPCO is the world leader in the collection and distribution of fare and fare-related data for the airline and travel industry. Today, we work with more than 450 airlines worldwide, supplying more than 99 percent of the industry’s intermediated fare data to all the major airfare pricing engines.

Customers get more than just a fare collection and distribution system with ATPCO. They gain the knowledge of an industry leader with unmatched experience developing solutions for the entire life cycle of the fare, from pricing to settlement. Our fully customizable industry standards and solutions help customers promote their ancillary services, recoup fees and surcharges, and efficiently settle with their interline partners.

Most importantly, our customers help shape the collective future of the industry. ATPCO brings together competing airlines and systems while acting as a neutral mediator to set global standards and broker industry agreements. We’re then first to market with fare-related products and services, proving our continued promise to providing solutions for the travel industry.

ATPCO headquarters are located in Washington, DC, and regional offices are located in London, Miami, and Singapore.

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Marcos Alsina de Freitas
Regional Director EMEA & Central Asia

World Business Centre 3,
Newall Road, Longford, Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom

Office: +44 208 538 0811