The General Assembly: 

The highest policy making body of the Association is the Annual General Assembly composed of Chief Executives of member airlines. The Annual General Assembly is presided over by the President of the Association. Mr. Abdelhamid Addou, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Air Maroc, is the President of the Association for 2018. In this capacity, Mr. Addou and Royal Air Maroc will host the 50th AGA in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco, from 25 – 27 November in 2018.

Mr. Abdelhamid Addou
2018 President of AFRAA and CEO of Royal Air Maroc.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, composed of 11 members elected on a sub-regional basis among Chief Executives and ex-officio members with voting rights who are members of the IATA Board of Governors, exercises executive authority. Its function is to ensure supervision of the affairs, funds and property of the Association and formulation and determination of policies within the framework of Articles of Association, By-Laws and Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee membership for 2018 is as follows:

Mr. Abdelhamid Addou

President of the Association & CEO, Royal Air Maroc

Capt. Ahmed Adel

Chairman of the Executive Committee & CEO, EgyptAir Holding Co

Ms Yvonne Makolo

1st Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee & Ag. CEO, RwandAir

Mr. Sebastian Mikosz

2nd Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee & CEO, Kenya Airways

Capt. Blaise Sanou

CEO, Air Burkina

Mr. Joseph Makonise (Ag)

CEO, Air Zimbabwe

Mr. Ernest Dikoum

CEO, Camair-Co

Mr. Desire Balazire Bantu

CEO, Congo Airways

Mr. Tewolde Gebre-Mariam

CEO, Ethiopian Airlines

Mr. Vuyani Jarana

CEO, South African Airways

Mr. Ilyes Mnakbi

CEO, Tunisair

The Secretariat

The Secretariat serves as the administrative, co-ordination and research centre for the Association. It is headed by a Secretary General who is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the Association. In carrying out his duties, he is supported by a staff of four senior officers as listed below:


Mr. Abderahmane Berthé

Secretary General



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