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Technical and Operations Task Force

The Technical and Operations Task Force to explore areas of cooperation in the MRO, technical, operations, and safety areas as well as share latest industry best practices in these critical areas.

Work of the Task Force
• Identify MRO organization willing to cooperate
• Explore technical, operations or safety areas to cooperate
• Assess the need to identify technical partners that can assist in the project (e.g. that can facilitate identification of items that can be pooled and setting up process of joint purchasing of inventory)
• Identify champions for any projects identified
• Explore ways to optimise use of existing MRO facilities to minimise duplication of services
• Share industry best practices in airline operations, maintenance and safety
• Identify courses relevant to engineering and maintenance, operations, security and safety for implementation by Training Steering Committee.

Once any project is assessed to be viable, potential benefits are quantified and the airlines willing to cooperate are identified, a Steering Committee will be set up to implement the project.

Membership will consist of airlines willing to cooperate in MROs, Technical or Operations Projects.

The Task Force will meet as required but at least once every year.

The Chairman of the Task Force is Chairman is Mr.Terence Naicker. He is assisted by a Deputy Chairman and Secretary. The Secretary is a member of the AFRAA Secretariat.