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Training Summary

2017 Training Summary

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With breath-taking changes taking place in the aviation industry, including new safety and security standards, globalization, advanced information technology, advanced aircraft, stiff competition, unstable world financial markets, fluctuating fuel prices and the need for customer-centric organizations, it is necessary for African aviation to have adequately trained staff and competent leadership to lead the organizations forward.

Training and re-training of personnel in the relevant courses will enable our organizations to adapt quickly and appropriately to the dynamic changes in the industry.

AFRAA is committed to the development of people so that African aviation continues to grow using highly trained and capable personnel. We appreciate that people are the basic foundation upon which aviation organizations build their strategic success, continue to develop and adapt to the enormous changes taking place in the operating environment.

Our mission, therefore, is to develop knowledge of the aviation business through training, seminars, workshops and conferences. We will continue to develop good links with reputable training organizations to create new synergies in delivering relevant training for the industry.

To assist aviation organizations in their restructuring programmes as well as improving their operational efficiency and productivity, AFRAA has a number of highly experienced and capable consultants with proficiency in various areas of aviation activities.

Customized training programmes are offered to organizations that seek expertise to meet organizational and departmental business objectives. Customized training entails offering courses at say an airline's base and tailored to its specific needs. This makes the training cost very competitive especially where an organization is training a large number of its personnel.

The success of the training programme that AFRAA offers hinges critically on the support that Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) provide. Therefore, CEOs need to allow their top executives, managers and staff to attend the courses on offer so that the management is better qualified to spearhead the development and prosperity of our organizations.

The venues for the courses will be carefully selected for ease of accessibility. For improved convenience of candidates, the courses will be conducted at organization’s premises/training schools with affordable hotel accommodation close to the venue. 

Courses are offered on the following areas:


Aircraft Acquisition & Financing 

Airline Fuel Management

Airline Marketing Management

Airline Strategic Management 

Aviation Law for Managers

E-Commerce in the Aviation Industry 

Effective Communication Skills

Leadership skills

Professional Skills for Instructors (Train the Trainer)

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Managing People Performance

Training Needs Assessment



Aircraft Handling and Ramp Supervision

Airline Accidents Investigation

Airline Document System and Control

Airline Emergency Planning And Response Management

Aviation Internal Audit

Airline Turnaround Coordination 

Crew Resource Management (Threat and Error Management)

Gap Analysis

Human Factors in Aviation 

Root Cause Analysis

Safety Management Systems for Airlines

Security Management Systems

Quality Management Systems – Lead Audit

Quality Management Systems for Airlines

Maintenance Resources Management



Train the Trainer

Instructional Design

Instructional Technics

Professional Skills for Instructors

Dangerous Goods Regulations Awareness

Dangerous Goods Regulations Initial

Live Animals Regulations

Load Control (Aircraft Weight and Balance)

Fares & Ticketing (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)


For any inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Elin M. Bukhala

Training Coordinator

African Airlines Association

P.O. Box 20116 - 00100 GPO Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 20 2320144/148 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.