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CellPoint Mobile


CellPoint Mobile:  Mobile Commerce Solutions to Make Travel Easier and More Profitable


CellPoint Mobile builds travel commerce solutions specifically for mobile devices, allowing airline customers to easily book, pay and manage their travel, while providing airlines and other travel companies with the mobile architecture needed to drive more transactions and higher revenues with less IT investment.  

CellPoint Mobile solutions can be swiftly deployed and scaled, meeting an important need of African airlines and travel companies, which operate in a rapidly expanding market and serve an increasingly mobile-connected customer base.  By minimizing airlines’ reliance on legacy systems and their limitations and embracing mobile as a standalone channel, CellPoint Mobile is helping airlines - regardless of their fleet size - meet their passengers’ needs wherever they are, quickly.

CellPoint Mobile has been developing solutions for the global airline industry since 2007, offering innovative mobile technology that drives commerce, payments, ancillary retail, customer loyalty and tourism.   T

CellPoint Mobile’s solutions are easy to implement and manage and are highly secure (PCI DSS Level 1 certified). The company’s mobile-first PSP solution called Velocity, comes in three versions (Engage, Accelerate, Advance), allowing for flexibility and scalability, and features global and regional APMs, acquirers, pay-by-link, currency conversions, split-tender payments, voucher bank, reporting and much more. 

CellPoint Mobile has vital relationships with leading payment partners, including M-Pesa, PayPal, Visa Checkout, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and dozens more across the globe.

As the mobile solutions partner for African airlines, CellPoint Mobile is dedicated to helping the region’s carriers increase transaction volumes with their customers, expand their share of the global travel market, implement mobile-first strategies immediately and build the architecture that will power passenger travel as they book, pay, and manage their travel.  

With offices in Dubai, Copenhagen, London, Pune, Singapore and Miami, find out how CellPoint Mobile makes travel easier for your passengers and more profitable for your airline.  


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