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Atlantic FuelEx

Aviation industry, an epitome of perfection, excellence and performance! It has no place for substitutes. To be a supplier to such an industry demands stringent quality specifications. Based in the United Arab Emirates, Atlantic FuelEx is a proud fuel supplier to the aviation industry. That speaks for itself about the quality and competitiveness of its products.

Trusted globally for all kinds of fuel needs, Atlantic FuelEx provides high quality fuel services to commercial carriers, corporate organizations and governmental entities at most competitive prices. Thanks to its extremely vibrant and reliable global network. Be it Africa, Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Caribbean or Asia, Atlantic FuelEx has major fuel suppliers and regional fuel distributors everywhere. With their collective support, Atlantic FuelEx extends dedicated localized services to clients all over the globe. 

Atlantic FuelEx works closely with the clients by alerting them round-the-clock on the internationally fluctuating fuel prices; besides providing a comprehensive list of related services such as Fuel Management, unique VAT-Exempt and VAT-Compliant aviation fuel policies, Tax Consultation Services (Federal Excise Tax, State, Local and etc.) and Zero Cost Consultation. Furthermore, it provides customized advises and suggestions which will surely help clients to choose ideal locations to refuel their aircrafts and enjoy maximum saving on each and every purchase. 

Atlantic FuelEx operates tank farms with fuel reservoirs that are equipped with the most modern technical equipment’s.  A qualified technical workforce posted at each of these destinations undertakes the refueling needs. Best of all, these terminals are managed and maintained as per the international aviation regulations, standards and requirements

Atlantic FuelEx extends credit terms, single point of contact facilities, complete price transparency, highly pro-active credit risk management service, detailed & speedy invoicing, tax consultation & verification and periodically cross-checking with customer's accounting department to maintain reliable information. What's more, all its allies and partners enjoy all the comforts generated by its years of experience in the market.


Rani Awad 

President & CEO  

Atlantic FuelEx | Atlantic Group AIS LLC

Al Sapphire Tower office No. 702, Dubai , UAE  

Tel:+97142556626  Fax: 97142556405 Mob + 971501992526        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.